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About KaCyber App

The quickest & safest way to book travel tickets Search for your destination and choose from a wide choice of transit services based on your preferred operator. Choose seats and pay ticket fares using popular payment options. Bus Tickets Choose…

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Jaguar Bus Service Experience

10 HRS 508KM JAGUAR BUS SERVICE A TRIP TO REMEMBER. Did you know that a bus trip to Kigali costs only 40,000 Shs? Yeah, you heard me right, 10 hours and 40k is all you need. Ohhh and unlike some…

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My KK bus service experience

My KK Coaches bus service experience Travelling up country can be a good experience, exhilarating experience only if you are travelling comfortably, no one looks forward to an upcountry trip in Uganda especially if the trip is to be done…

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When is KaCyber Version 2.5 going live?

Hello, KaCyber Community!!!! Our team has been working around the clock on our major release of KaCyber app and website. This is a quick introduction post to update you on the progress of how things have been going. First off,…

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Transport systems to revolutionise supply chain management

BENEFITS OF USING A TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM   Until now most businesses are apprehensive about implementing a Transport Management Software (TMS). What they don’t realize is how it can positively impact ROI and business profit margins. Transport Management Software revolutionizes…

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