When is KaCyber Version 2.5 going live?


Hello, KaCyber Community!!!!

Our team has been working around the clock on our major release of KaCyber app and website. This is a quick introduction post to update you on the progress of how things have been going.

First off, we apologise since we severely underestimated the release date for when KaCyber version 2.5 would be complete. We expected it sometime in mid-January based off what we had already completed, against what was still left to do, yet here we are already into March. Such is the nature of development.
We do sincerely apologise for underestimating our release date. That falls on us, and we take full responsibility for it and will ensure to release the product before the end of this March.

Thankfully though, all our hard work, KaCyber version 2.5 is simply amazing! We are so excited about it, and we know you are as well. Each and every day so many of our amazing followers send in emails and WhatsApp asking … “When is KaCyber with bus booking going live?!?!?”.

We can’t express how humbled we feel to know the dedication our user base feels towards the development of our products.

It is difficult for our team to continue and tell everyone that Bus ticketing on KaCyber “is coming soon”, yet that is the truth, it is “coming soon”!
Simply put, this is our first massive project at KaCyber Technologies, loaded with an awesome bus ticketing module that aims at making your travel experience better by allowing you to reserve a bus ticket at your fingertip.

We’re working around the clock to ensure everything is ready for this release. To keep informed and track our release date follow our Blog and Sign up for updates at https://www.blog.kacyber.net — Bridging the Digital Divide

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Transport systems to revolutionise supply chain management




Until now most businesses are apprehensive about implementing a Transport Management Software (TMS). What they don’t realize is how it can positively impact ROI and business profit margins. Transport Management Software revolutionizes the entire process of supply chain management. It performs a number of functions such as carrier selection, determination of routes and rates. There are several misconceptions surrounding TMS, that it is too expensive to implement and it does not perform better than traditional systems. It is high time that these myths are busted and the benefits of implementing a TMS are realized.

Transport Management Software helps to move consignment from the origin to the destination efficiently and cost-effectively. Transport Management Software are designed for all modes and also for intermodal transport. These systems offer myriad ways to save cost and add value to your product.  If your business is planning to invest in a Transport Management Software, then here are a few benefits to encourage you to do exactly that.

Better Customer Service

Transport Management Software provides reports and analytics that help you determine the impact of your business decisions. It helps you choose the most efficient and cost-effective carrier so that the shipment reaches on time. This enables you to save time and money as there is no need for customer service interference. Customers are happy, and yield margins improve dramatically.

Easy Document Retrieval and Better Communication

Since most TMS software are web-based, all documents are stored. These documents can be easily retrieved, hence there is no need to search through bulky files. This fosters better communication among the consignee, the shipper, the carrier, or a third party logistics provider.

Greater Focus on Warehouse Efficiency

TMS saves time spent on actual freight management, which gives the opportunity to focus on warehouse management. Costly mistakes that occur due to entry errors are avoided and the time spent correcting them is saved. A Transport Management System that is integrated with a warehouse management system streamlines the process of supply chain management and brings about further savings.

Automation in Transport Management

TMS implementation has to be backed by a dedicated team in order to realise the benefits of such a system. TMS provides greater organisational control, scale up as the business grows and live freight rates availability.

Smarter Inventory Management

TMS ensures that consignments reach customers on time. This gives your business the ability to plan your inventory in hand better. Managers can focus on how to forecast inventory better and reduce inventory holding costs.

Reduced Costs

The TMS enables automated carrier selection based on low cost and fastest transportation time. TMS captures all details with respect to carriers including their rates, tracking details and number of transactions on a daily basis. A TMS gives you a complete picture of all shipments and also enables your business to send tracking information to your customers.

Smarter Auditing of Freight Invoices

A Transport Management Software allows you to accept invoices from carriers electronically. These can then be compared against the quoted price so that you only pay the amount mentioned in the contract. TMS helps save time as invoices need not be checked manually and also minimizes errors in payments.

About KaCyber E-Ticketing

To find out how KaCyber E-Ticketing is revolutionizing bus ticketing in Uganda, read more on www.joinkacyber.com or follow us on Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/KacyberApp/ or Twitter: @ka_cyber


Five things to look out for when visiting Uganda


On his maiden visit to Uganda former British Prime Minister Winston church hill had this to say;

“The kingdom of Uganda is a fairy-tale. You climb up … and at the end there is a wonderful new world. The scenery is different, the vegetation is different, the climate is different, and, most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa … I say: ‘Concentrate on Uganda’. For magnificence, for variety of form and colour, for profusion of brilliant life – bird, insect, reptile, and beast – for vast scale — Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa.”

Here are a few of the things to look out for when visiting the pearl of Africa:

Number 1:

Look for the mountain Gorillas in the south; you surely don’t want to miss out on the kings and queens of Bwindi, gorilla tracking in the breeze and cool of hilly and mountainous towns of Kabale and Kisoro is something you shouldn’t miss out.

The Mountain Gorillas of Uganda

Number 2:

The home of the big cats, Queen Elizabeth national park, here you are most likely to see the tree climbing lions of Ishasha, scarily but an amazing site, the chimpanzees along the Kazinga channel, not scarily but beautiful. Along with Queen Elizabeth national park come the dazzlingly beautiful snow-capped ranges of the mountains of the moon, ever imagined snow along the equator? Here is your chance to find out.

Tree Climbing Lions Ishasha

Number 3:

The Nile is one spectacular and breath taking sight at the heart of the pearl, it is unfathomable that a single molecule of water originating from the Nile could make its way around the world up to water the lands of South Sudan and further into Egypt. Not so far away from the city go to Jinja and see the treasure that waters the east and North of Africa.

Source of the Nile

Number 4:

The Murchison falls is another dazzling site, see the Nile as it explodes into beautiful falls that will leave your mouth open in awe and your eyes open wider in amazement and stupefaction.

Murchison Fall National Park

Number 5:

To the north at approximately 520 km from Kampala, Uganda’s capital lies the Kidepo National park in the land the pastoral Karimajong people. Feel like breakfast with the zebras? This shouldn’t miss on your bucket list. Beautiful people, spectacular scenery, an experience to die for!

Kidepo Valley – Kaabong

Tulambule the Pearl of Africa


Time check reads 7 am in Kampala, it is slightly chilly but the sun will be smiling upon us in the next two to three hours. Today we are taking a long and adventurous trip to western and south-west of Uganda.

The journey begins from the bustle and hustle of Kampala city, the busy, exciting and majestic heart of Uganda, and of course like the saying goes the early bird catches the worm so you want to see it all, wake up early and catch it all, plus you also don’t want the Kampala sun downing on you before you see anything at all!

Our journey is going to take us through various towns; the best way to enjoy this trip will be on wheels, bus wheels and what other than the Uganda Wildlife Authority Tulambule bus? Spacious and complacent interior, charging ports, as much luggage space as you need, all you have to do is snug as a bug in a rug and enjoy the artistry and elegance.

UWA Executive buses1

Not so far away from Kampala, in Kayabwe along Masaka road you meet the poster marking of the Uganda Equator, here you can stop for refreshments and souvenirs from the craft shops around the equator and please don’t forget a photo shoot, who wouldn’t want to keep memories of having reached the spot where the equator crosses through Uganda? Oh, and something you need to know is that at the equator you are actually 3% lighter in weight, isn’t that amazing. How that happens is a discussion for another day, we got to keep going.


From the equator we proceed to Masaka, the cool breeze and freshness will usher you into the Katonga Swamp, located on the outskirts of River Katonga; here lies the mouth of the great water body as it pours into Lake Victoria, the lush green vegetation of papyrus reeds will give you a fresh feeling. Along the mighty river lies the Katonga game reserve, home to various bird species and a number of animals.

Our next stopover from Masaka is Mbarara, the town of milk; here, you can drink as much milk as you want, why drink plain water when the Ankole cow has gifted you with a better option? While in Mbarara you can visit the great Lake Mburo national park, home of the wild, in the middle of a spectacular view of planes lies this masterpiece of savannah grasslands, home to over 350 bird species and the region’s herbivores; the horse’s first cousin zebra is a popular site here; the gracious Uganda kob, buffalos among others. However, don’t be fooled that this is a home of only the grass eaters, the king of spots lives here too, and the pretty looking monkeys, you will not run out of activities to do here, bird watching, a walk through the beauty of nature, fishing, boat riding across Lake Mburo are some the things you can do here.

Before you leave this beautiful town, endeavour to visit the Igongo Cultural Centre, here you can see and learn about the rich and exquisite culture of inhabitants of this part of the country.

In the south lies more beautiful gems but here we take a turn to the west and go to Bushenyi district, it is from here that you will first meet the half of the enormous Queen Elizabeth National Park the home of the big cats, but before the big cats I should tell you about the Kyambura gorge along with the annexed forest reserve, south of the Kazinga channel this beautiful place is a must visit if you want to see chimpanzees and other wild game.

South of this town lies the Kitagata hot springs which are believed to have healing power by the locals. Other sites such as the heavenly blue crater lakes of Bunyaruguru are a must not miss if you are a visitor to this town.

And back to the home of the big cats, the tree climbing lions of Ishasha are a great sight if chanced on.

Tree Climbing Lions Ishasha

We continue to the highly sought-after town of Kasese, home the cement industry, cobalt and Kilembe mines. This part of the country boasts of sheer beauty and nature, too much for one town? Hey. The Queen Elizabeth National park continues its occupation canvassing the town in its alluring savannah grasslands. As I told you earlier on, this is the home of the wild, the jungle of the felis leo and other big cats, hippos and crocodiles along the Kazinga channel, elephants, birds name it.


More in this phenomenal town is the Rwenzori National park, draped in bamboo and colourful mosses and blooms; this is the surrounding of the mountains of the moon. The name Rwenzori means “rainmaker” and the mountain can be notoriously muddy and tiring to climb. Here, you get a chance to explore both fauna and flora and also get lucky to see the magnanimous sight of the ranges of the mountains of the moon, host to Africa’s third highest-summit, Maragherita, mind blowing waterfalls and unbelievably but true snow along the equator. Birds and colourful blooms are inseparable creating a dreamlike enthralling whimsical and captivating sight.


If you are a good climber, hiking to the peak of Maragherita is a bonus for you!  S’amuser  et bon voyage a’ la maison! 

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Credit: KaCyber Team

Holiday Wishes


Hello, KaCyber Community!!!!

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We hope your 2017 was just as good as ours, and if not, better luck next year.

We wish you have more successful milestones with you in the coming new year!