When is KaCyber Version 2.5 going live?


Hello, KaCyber Community!!!!

Our team has been working around the clock on our major release of KaCyber app and website. This is a quick introduction post to update you on the progress of how things have been going.

First off, we apologise since we severely underestimated the release date for when KaCyber version 2.5 would be complete. We expected it sometime in mid-January based off what we had already completed, against what was still left to do, yet here we are already into March. Such is the nature of development.
We do sincerely apologise for underestimating our release date. That falls on us, and we take full responsibility for it and will ensure to release the product before the end of this March.

Thankfully though, all our hard work, KaCyber version 2.5 is simply amazing! We are so excited about it, and we know you are as well. Each and every day so many of our amazing followers send in emails and WhatsApp asking … “When is KaCyber with bus booking going live?!?!?”.

We can’t express how humbled we feel to know the dedication our user base feels towards the development of our products.

It is difficult for our team to continue and tell everyone that Bus ticketing on KaCyber “is coming soon”, yet that is the truth, it is “coming soon”!
Simply put, this is our first massive project at KaCyber Technologies, loaded with an awesome bus ticketing module that aims at making your travel experience better by allowing you to reserve a bus ticket at your fingertip.

We’re working around the clock to ensure everything is ready for this release. To keep informed and track our release date follow our Blog and Sign up for updates at https://www.blog.kacyber.net — Bridging the Digital Divide

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Holiday Wishes


Hello, KaCyber Community!!!!

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We hope your 2017 was just as good as ours, and if not, better luck next year.

We wish you have more successful milestones with you in the coming new year!

The High Costs of Free SDKs


In this day and age of massive data collection, data security and privacy are top of mind for many enterprises and consumers. The concern centers around the collection and use of Personally identifiable information (PII) / sensitive personal information (SPI).
iOS-androidEnterprises that ship mobile apps need to be careful which third-party libraries and SDKs are included during the development stage. The issue is that many tools are available for free, but end up harvesting user data in order to monetize it through targeted advertising. The vast majority of the time this is against the legal policy of the enterprise, as well as the end user license agreement (EULA) between the company’s software and its end users.Developers often have no idea this is happening behind the scenes for two reasons:

  1. SDKs are black boxes, so the harvesting of the data is hidden from the developer; and,
  2. to download the SDK, the developer signs up and agrees unknowingly to terms and conditions (click-through agreements) permitting the practice.

The realization that developer freeware is exposing your customer data causes alarm. To prevent this from happening, digital leads should audit which service providers are in use, especially those that do not require payment or a subscription fee. Any third-party code or SDKs that did not receive sign off from legal should be removed immediately. Your legal professionals should review the terms and conditions.


This practice is even more problematic for global enterprises, as well as enterprises that may have end users under the age of 13.
The Data Protection Directive outlines movement of personal data within the European Union. The replacement for Safe Harbor, EU-US Privacy Shield, still under legal scrutiny, outlines the transfer of that data to the US. Free tools will often try to get around the EU restrictions by requiring the developer to prompt the end-user for permission to release their personal information. In practice, this almost never happens for the reasons mentioned before: developers do not read the terms and product managers aren’t aware of the requirement. This puts enterprises out of compliance with data privacy laws in the EU.
Finally, companies that collect data from minors must comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). Companies that harvest user information behind the scenes are not COPPA compliant. Parental consent must be given, along with many other requirements, in order to collect PII/SPI from minors.


While it can seem daunting to keep up with the latest regulations regarding data security and privacy, enterprises can deploy a proper vetting process to get ahead of any issues with their apps. It is recommended that you review the third-party tools embedded in your apps, make sure your team is educated on the legal requirements, and ensure you’re in compliance with local regulations.

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