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My KK bus service experience

My KK Coaches bus service experience

Travelling up country can be a good experience, exhilarating experience only if you are travelling comfortably, no one looks forward to an upcountry trip in Uganda especially if the trip is to be done by road and it involves sitting on a hard-cushioned bus seat for 8 to 9 hrs. When my alarm clock goes off all I can think about is the crowd, and the chaos of the bus park most of which are located downtown and being a Friday, the crowding is at its peak with most business people doing their next week’s shopping. Travelling by bus has an advantage in business, it saves money, and that’s enough reason for anyone intending to travel for business!

Minibuses, or taxis, are stuck in a traffic jam in late December in Kampala, Uganda. During the Christmas season, people from across the country come to Kampala to shop leading to a rise in vehicle use. (Nakisanze Segawa, GPJ Uganda)

Whining aside, I have a meeting in Arua the next day, so I must get myself on a bus early enough so that I can get enough time to rest, cool off the travel lag overnight and be ready to roll the next morning. I call my friend Tim who is a frequent traveller to that part of the country to find out which bus will make my journey slightly more bearable and he recommends KK bus service.
I jump onto a bodaboda to Arua Park, this am told serves both as their office location and boarding point, at the office am told that my travel will cost me 35,000 Uganda shillings. After payment am given an electronic ticket which luckily enough bears a seat number, so I don’t have to go through the hustle of arguing with other passengers, I love my window seat, this I get to have some fresh air and enjoy the view of nature along the way, oh its also an extra when you have to buy that yummy chicken and meat on stick all it muchomo at the bus stopovers.

The bus departs at 10:00 am so I have to wait for a few minutes, inside the bus, well cushioned green seats with matching green window curtains, this means that I don’t have to bear the sun heat and light for the next hours to come, before we set off for the journey we were given a word of prayer by Vicent the conductor and he wished each and everybody a safe journey. We set off at exactly 10:00 am, the ticket departure time, I must say am impressed since this is a rare trait for bus services, normally we would have to seat like ducks for an extra hour or two as we wait for the bus to fill up, the day bus unlike the night a number of brief stopovers to pick up passengers at Kawempe, Matugga, Bombo and Luwero.
Radio music plays in the background as the bus picks up speed and my trip begins, the bus makes various stop over’s at a few selected places either to pick up more travellers or for the travellers to have a pee and rest break, eat something and stretch their legs for a few minutes, at Karuma bridge the site of chimpanzees crossing the road is a plus for my trip, the driver even slows down to give the curious passengers a more satisfying view of the confident animals.

Murchison falls giraffes in the road

9 hours later and 590 away from Kampala, am awaken from the sleep off by the bus braking only to realise I have reached my destination, the ride was so comfortable that I didn’t even feel the journey, the driver more careful, now I can go and get some rest in preparation for my next day’s meeting. Arua town is very beautiful, clean and well planned with beautiful roads and people. In the night the town is very lively, and you can never have a feel that you are away from home.

Arua town at night.

I disembark from the bus a contended customer, on my way out I inquire from the conductor if they have buses doing the return trip to Kampala and I learn that they don’t just have buses, they also have executive buses at night doing the route, they don’t stop to pick up passengers on the way unless someone had already made a booking with their office, isn’t that amazing? A bus that won’t make the unnecessary stop over’s?

You have a trip to Northern Uganda?

Arua, Koboko, Paidha, Nebbi Packwach, KK bus service is my ultimate travel partner you can make it yours too.

KK Traveller executive bus coaches. KK strives to be the leading transporter by choice in the great lakes region.
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